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June 17 – August 1, 2003
Weenie Roast, Wednesday June 25, 5-7pm

Room 01: Rendered
Room 02: Rendered Reading Room
Video Wall: Shannon Plumb, Tack

Room 01: Sara Meltzer Gallery is proud to present Rendered, a group show of works on paper by 46 artists. The term "rendered" references the specific action of depiction, the instantaneous visual result of an idea. Historically, work on paper has been viewed as the predecessor to larger works, inherently raw in its process. As artists continue to push the limits of the medium, it has grown to warrant its own attention. This grouping of artists—emerging to established—presents a survey of current trends, as established through a continuum of works wrapping around the gallery, related visually, materially, and theoretically.

Jan Albers
Roger Andersson
Steve Antonson
Polly Apfelbaum
John Bankston
Matthew Benedict
Monica Bonvicini
Nina Bovasso
Andrea Bowers
Delia Brown
Anne Chu
Marsha Cottrell
Amy Cutler
Ian Dawson
David Dupuis
Sam Durant
Marcel Dzama
Moyna Flannigan
Kojo Griffin
Trenton Doyle Hancock
Matthew Higgs
Yun-fei Ji
Emily Joyce
Arnold Kemp
Gabriel Kuri
Carter Kustera
Sean Landers
Pablo Vargas Lugo
Marco Maggi
Sean Mellyn
Jason Middlebrook
Lucas Monaco
Dave Muller
Simon Periton
Alessandro Pessoli
Jon Pylypchuk
Paul Henry Ramirez
Adam Ross
Sigrid Sandstrom
Matt Saunders
Thomas Scheibitz
Katy Schimert
Amy Sillman
Cheney Thompson
Charline von Heyl
Doug Wada

Room 02: Sara Meltzer Gallery has accumulated texts and information on all of the included artists in the show.

Video Wall: Sara Meltzer Gallery is proud to present Shannon Plumb's Tack. Plumb references the film work of Stan Brakhage, a filmmaker known for his manipulation of composition and it's striking effects. After drawing onto each film cell, the artist interacts on film with these drawings, borrowing bits from old theatrical and cinematic forms. The result is video that pays homage while overturning nostalgia.

Summer hours: Tuesday – Friday, 11am-6pm