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The drawings that I have made over the last few years are chronicles of selected histories of a landscape. Using the map as motif, I have been able to select and overlay a number of concerns onto a single plane. Ideas of individuals and communities that have left their mark on a city and the architectural and physical structures that have persisted over time are combined with the impressions left by political and economic influences to form a cohesive unit.

The simplified plan facilitates a view that is a simulation of objectivity. Its mixture of patterns and unique visual events constructs a plane comprised of random as well as rational development. With it I can look at a group of events, or groups of groups of events on a level landscape, and create a non-linear narrative of the “place” specified in the drawing.

This abstraction gives me an artificial form of real or physical seeing and helps to present my perspective on a seemingly stable and still place. The plan makes it possible to gather multiple events or developments over time into one present moment. Time becomes a subject of the pictures, prompting the viewer to ask what happened first or second, what was the result of what, what else might of happened, and why has it developed in this manner.

Urban planning and development, architecture, and the role of socio-economic and community trends in forming an environment are my subjects of study, as they play the dual role of formal picture-making and individual concerns about the broad public landscape.