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My work explores the relationship between idea and execution, planning and development, creativity and functionality, random and rational. I am interested in how something comes to pass, and the influence and ripples of that phenomenon. I use the built environment as a lens through which I can look at these ideas and their interplay. Maps, satellite imagery, architecture and design are all part of my work. My picture surfaces are the product of super-imposing patterns and visual events more often found on a regional scale: geological ridges and valleys, waterways, urban planning master plans and transportation networks.

In the drawings that I make, the specific imagery continually emerges, recedes and re-combines to form a total picture. This reflects my interest in the whole being a product of the parts and each part being the product of one or more ideas. There is an astounding and admirable complexity to this jumble, yet it is part of our lives everyday. The conundrum of the image is how we can manage to navigate something at such an incomprehensible scale without being inundated by it.

The tension that results from balancing such a dose of information on the edge of control is a theme that my work explores by parsing the urban environment as a visual language. I have found that the range of perceptual and psychological experience with this arena to be a fascinating area to explore the molding of an aesthetic statement. Put simply, there is a connection between the perceived functionality of urban space for example, and the more transcendent pursuit creating an art object. Therefore my work is in part a study of the environment, a test of perception, and an examination of the practice of constructing visual imagery.