May 4 - June 10, 2001

curated by Lauren Ross

Tipping Point examines things on the verge of metamorphosis. The subjects explored here vary greatly, ranging from transformations of composition and known experiences to changes in scientific thought. This exhibition was inspired by Malcolm Gladwell's book The Tipping Point, an investigation into contributing factors in the rapid transformation of obscure things to ubiquity.

Julio Grinblatt shows work from Photos of Others, a series of photographs of people taking photographs. The scenes are illuminated by the flash of the subject's camera, capturing the exact moment when reality is recorded onto film. Erik Hanson presents Elige, a piece that began as a photograph of a scent. Using this abstract photo as a starting point, Hanson recreates the image in six other media including graphite, needlepoint and ceramic, metamorphosing each one according to the characteristics of its materials. Patrick Jacobs presents a piece in which a brussel sprout magically levitates. Michael LaForte creates resin sculpture of architectural elements that rarely are included in building design, yet almost always are present, exploring the difference between design and realization, intent and actuality. These objects are created by rapid prototyping, an entirely digital technique using wire frame drawings and computer outputting that has transformed the design industry. Lucas Monaco examines exurbia, the clusters of corporate parks and office buildings that form directly off of highways. His stylized drawings present the exact number of overall square feet that these areas have been shown to be able to accommodate before their development increases at an enormous rate. MTAA presents two pieces exploring the need to prepare for unforeseen circumstances, such as the sudden reversal of gravity. Jenna Spevack presents The Theory of Everything, a large scale drawing that explores many important scientific discoveries and theories throughout history, including those in the fields of evolution, physics, and geology. This piece is inspired by a current school of thought among string physicists who seek to form a theory explaining all phenomena.